Who can become a lender and a borrower at your p2p platform?


Only a citizen of Russia or a Russian small enterprise, which have passed our thorough inspection for creditability and received from us the highest AA credit rating can become a borrower. Any institutional investor or an ordinary citizen from any country of the world can become a lender of our platform. 


Website languages

Will the website appear only in English or will other languages be added as well? 


English is a common language of international communication, so the website will remain just in English for now. Although, in case there are many requests to add other languages, we will consider doing it later.



Do I have to make deposits in euro or is it possible to use other currencies as well?


You can use any currency you prefer. PayPal will convert it for you. 



Do I have to pay a commission for PayPal currency conversion and money transfer?


It is a responsibility of the platform, not the person investing their money.


Terminate the contract

If the circumstances suddenly change, is it possible for me to terminate the contract unilaterally and withdraw my money before the end of the term specified in the contract?


The money will be paid only upon the terms and within the time frame that we have mutually approved when signing the contract. Terminating the contract or changing its conditions will be possible only upon the agreement of both parties. Please be aware of this beforehand.


Tax authorities

Do you share the information about me and about my revenues from your website with the tax authorities of my country?


No. We cooperate only with the Tax agency of Russian Federation and provide them solely with information about russian citizens. Citizens of other countries should declare their income earned via our platform and get in toutch with their tax authorities by themselves.