a) We work with AA Risk Rating borrowers only.

b) We provide only real estate loans upon the security of real estate or loans for small business development and expansion. We provide loans not for beginning start-ups, but for verified, trusted, stable and successful small enterprises with long term experience, sufficient proved profit and pledged assets.

c) Money of each lender is divided into small shares and transferred to a large number of borrowers. Such a diversification reduces the risks strongly.

d) All profit of the platform is transferred to a special security (insurance) fund. Due to this fund we take the obligations of a surety and guarantor for all the loans provided via our platform.

e) According to Russian legislation, the owner of the platform is liable for all the obligations to the lenders to the extent of all his personal property. That is why all the lenders are guaranteed to receive money, which is due to them, to the full extent. There are three money sources: funds and pledged assets of the borrowers, security fund of our platform and personal funds and property of the owner of the platform.