Minigames can be played in the Lobby. Right now, we have three homemade minigames that are lots of fun in big or small groups.



Hide and Seek is a basic hiding and seeking game. A random player is selected to seek, the rest must hide! You are disguised as Baby Piglins to hide in small spaces; however, you can still only enter spaces you could normally.

You are given Slowness and a Glow effect if you move after the countdown ends, so be mindful!



In Zombie Hunt, a random player is again selected to be the Zombie. You are given a Glow effect if you stay still for too long, so keep moving! 



In Rabbit Hunt, one player is selected to be the Rabbit, the rest of the participants are Wolves. It is the job of the Wolves to locate the Rabbit. The Rabbit emits a sound (Mission Impossible theme in note block form) so they are easier to locate!


These are all the minigames we have for now, but we might see more in the future!


Shops are a fun way of buying and selling to other players. They are simple to set up, here’s how!



A small shop plot (Market stall) is available at 25 votes or Officer Rank

A medium shop plot (Basic shop) is available at 50 votes or Lieutenant Rank

A large shop plot (Limited availability, Very tall) is available at 500 votes or General Rank



Shops can be set up with the /shop claim command. Just stand inside an available shop plot and you’ll be set! Once claimed, /shop set tp can set the teleport of your shop anywhere within its parameters!.



Shop signs can be created using the following format (not case sensitive):

Line 1 : [SHOP] 

Line 2 : QUANTITY (Insert a number, Up to max stack of item)

Line 3 : ITEM (All in-game items, includes Vote Dollars)

Line 4 : Either insert your username or leave blank.



You can visit other people’s shops through the /shop visit USERNAME command. Inside a shop, you can buy items by opening a chest, and if you have the correct amount of currency, simply click on the item and the transaction will complete! Make sure you have an option slot in your inventory or the transaction will not go through.


Capitals are a way to create a town for other players to live in!



You must have at least 75 votes or Captain Rank to create a Capital.


The Capital must be a claim with at least a 20,000 block perimeter. You can check this with /claimslist and then find the claim you’re in using X & Y values. You then need at least 5 subdivisions of at least 5×5 blocks that you are willing to turn into plots. Subdivisions can be created using the /subdivideclaim command and then using your Golden Shovel like normal to mark out the bounds.


The Capital tp must be close to public plots OR have a clear road or path leading to and from it.

Public plots must be clearly defined and marked

Citizen eviction requires at least 2 weeks of inactivity.



You can create a capital with /capitals create capital [name]

You can then make a plot by standing in a subdivision and typing /capitals create plot [name]



All other commands can be found through /capitals help