General Server Rules

  1. Respect all server rules, staff and other players.
    1. if you break the rules, you will get punished.
    2. If you break the rules repeatedly, your punishment will get worse.
  1. Be respectful, ethical and use common sense
    1. We do not accept any form of hate speech, such as any sort of discrimination (racism, sexism, etc.). This applies everywhere, including chat and builds.
    2. We have no hard limits on redstone. However, if some redstone creation impacts our server performance, we might have to turn it off, shrink it or even abolish it. Please keep this in mind when considering to build a potentially problematic redstone project.
    3. We might have a limit on mobs and entities but we are not sure right now. Try to keep the numbers low? 😉
  1. Keep our chat respectful
    1. No spam, no advertising for other servers
    2. Only English in global chat. If you want to use another language, please use other channels such as private messages or /local chat.
    3. Hate speech is not allowed.
  1. Fair play: no abuse! 
    1. All forms of abuse, cheating, hacking, xraying, duping and scamming are strictly prohibited.
    2. Play minecraft as it should be played. Have fun and be fair. If you encounter any bug, glitch, hack or similar, knowingly or unknowingly, that gives you an advantage, such as duping items, please contact a staff member immediately and do not exploit it, failure to do so may result in punishment.
    3. It is not allowed to use autoclicker, autominer or autoprinter. Other modifications that give significant advantages (such as cave finders) are also not allowed.
    4. Be smart to prevent getting scammed! But it can happen to the best of us, in which case, please contact server staff for help.
    5. Gambling is not allowed. This means you are not allowed to build or operate any chance based or casino-like business or minigame where players can lose currencies or other items. This rule does not apply to competitive minigames that are not chance based.
  1. No pay2win, no IRL deals
    1. Do not trade real money for ingame items. BMBC is a play2win server. Please respect that and help us maintain it.
  1. Respect other players’ creations and land.
    1. Do not claim or build within 100 blocks of another player’s claim or build without permission from that player. The world should be big enough for all of us – please respect each other’s privacy. With permissions from the claim owner, you can claim closer than 100 blocks.
    2. If it is not yours, do not touch it. Do not take items, do not place or remove blocks, etc in, on, under or around builds that are not your own. Players should claim their land to protect it. If they forget to claim, the rule still applies. If they trust you on their land, do not abuse that trust.
    3. The restoration of such damages happens at the discretion of server staff.